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Where are all the tree huggers and activists????

English: Northern Spotted Owl (Strix occidenta...
English: Northern Spotted Owl (Strix occidentalis caurina). Six Rivers National Forest, NW California  (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I work for a large retailer and think it is quite fascinating that no activist is on them about waste. With all of the recycling programs and save the planets nuts out there they do no not talk about the amount of cardboard, plastic, Styrofoam that is used in packaging any thing to sell. I do a lot of stocking freight and find the amount of card board overwhelming. The spotted owl was a way to save the trees. The controlled logging was a way to end cutting trees. The shutting down of logging roads and access was a way to save the health of trees. On the flip side the groups(you know who you are) will protest till the cows come home about clear cut logging but they will never touch the end user of that product. The consumer. This consumer is in the way of manufactures that package the product for resale. They then put it into other packaging to send to next corporation and so on a so on. Yet you never see them getting up in arms about the amount of cardboard and plastic used by these middle giants. Drive by a big box store on any given week and you will see bails and bails of cardboard waiting to be disposed of in some manner. Now they will tell you that it is going back to be made into cardboard again. Is it really?

Why is every thing put into a box and then into another box. Why is there so much cardboard put into making one of those snazzy displays that might only be in your local store for a couple of days.

The very same people that will protest the use of this or that, in the environment, will not give up their own instant gratification consumerism. It had better be in the store when I want it. They will be willing to watch a whole family be destroyed. Their land taken away. So what! But if the local retailer does not have the product they want they will cry, pout, shout the roof tops off of the building because they did not get what they wanted when they wanted it.

The very same people will not throw anything away for it might do something to the planet. Or they might not be seen as a good person, their neighbors might not like them. But that’s okay they have a lot of Likes on Facebook. If of course you throw nothing away but no one is seeing you what are you, we have watched those shows before,  Hoarders  haven’t you.  That is a whole psychology subject in and of itself and we won’t discuss that problem.