small community life

The fall of the year…..

Mornings in the fall, when all was appeared to be at rest and the ground and sky were soggy with an overnight rain. Every tree appeared to be skeletons standing in wait for life. The grass brown and bent as if tramped down by something large laying on it. When only the rain is what bent and bowed the lifeless grass. The leaves littering the ground like snow, tramped down and compacted by the power of water falling from the sky.  The only thing green was the many towering evergreens  reaching for the clouds. The constant drip, drip, drip of remaining rain water making music in the morning hours as all was waking for the day. The sparkle of each and every drop of water on the trees grass, rhododendrons, and evergreens.  The bare trees came alive, showing like diamonds and jewels. This made the rainy environment a wonder to behold.

The trees with their soggy moss hanging, The smell of leaves rotting on the ground, the music of dripping water, the chirping of birds the distant calling of bald eagles swooping in for breakfast, the calling of elk and deer to their young and the chickens emerging from the coop with the clucking and crowing of the rooster for the day to begin. All these noises greeting the morning in a symphony of sound and smells.

In an area that got 12 feet of rain a year The creator making the beauty show through the dreary backdrop. The symphony of sound, the aromas of a forest at rest.the feel of moisture in the air (always), the cold that chills you to the bone because it is a wet cold not a dry cold.  around all of the time. Something to be grateful for,  even in something that looks depressing.

All these senses showing a person that life is in every surrounding you live in. The ultimate in “stop and smell the roses” is truly not a cliché.